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Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist
Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor (read about this life changing way of eating and living here)

Weight neutral care guided by a non diet approach

Client testimonials:
"You have a beautiful gift of knowledge, listening with kindness and compassion, and gently guiding a client towards a path of well being. With your help, I have achieved my goals of a dramatically lowered A1c and I truly am enjoying eating again, and greatly restored health. You have given me the tools I need to continue to be well, and I am so grateful to you." Penny W., Asheville, NC
"Working with Traci was truly life-changing! Traci's no-judgement philosophy provided the space I needed to learn about taking care of my body in sustainable, realistic ways that I can continue on my own long after our work together has ended!" Kate S., Asheville NC

Imagine a Calm, Comfortable, & Enjoyable Relationship with Food and Eating

Are looking for something different? 

Perhaps an enjoyable & satisfying relationship with food & your body, guided by Intuitive Eating? 

Perhaps to move away from strict and rigid rules around food that only leave you feeling hungry, unsatisfied, and exhausted?

Discover a calm, comfortable, positive, & sustainable relationship with food and your body while taking care of yourself. 

Move away from dieting for weight loss goals, which only lead to rigid eating plans, struggles with disordered eating, and overwhelm with so much nutrition information.

Trust your body in guiding you toward intuitive eating.

Take care of yourself and learn non-diet intuitive eating after having weight loss surgery.


Better manage a health condition such as IBS, diabetes, PCOS, high blood pressure, heart disease in a balanced and flexible way.

Eat in a way that works for YOU. 


Gain support with your child's nutrition, growth, and development.  

If this sounds wonderful, we might be a good fit!  Click                            to learn about my services.

I accept BCBS health insurance and many plans cover nutrition therapy (also called nutrition counseling)  as preventative benefits.  See Appointment Info for more details.  Please call or email to find out more info.

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