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Interesting Things and Such

This is where I like to share interesting information about food, nutrition, and body respect or important events happening in the Asheville, NC community. 

This information is updated frequently so be sure to check back often!




Imagine what it would be like to have a friendship with food and your body... 


We have many important friendships in our lives but, unfortunately for many, the qualities of our best friendships with other people do not translate to our friendship with our self, especially our relationship to food, eating, and our body.  This makes a lot of sense though.  We live within a diet culture that demonizes food and glorifies a thin fit body ideal. 


This short podcast is a great introduction into flipping this conversation on its head! 



Why do I think about food and eating all the time?

Do you find yourself asking that question frequently?  I find many of my clients ask that exact question in our sessions.   Well, there are some very powerful mechanisms in the human body that explains why this happens.  A fellow dietitian and intuitive eating advocate, Julie Duffy Dillon, does a great job of exploring this phenomenon in her Love, Food podcast, episode 156 Food Controls My Life. 

Have a listen here: 

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