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*Non-diet health first approach

*Intuitive Eating


* HAES (R) (Health At Every Size) informed

*Disordered eating and body weight concerns


*Child & adolescent weight

concerns and feeding/eating challenges


*Management of chronic health conditions such as diabetes, PCOS, and heart disease


*Overall health and well-being (better sleep, more energy!)


About Traci's Services

My services focus on a non-diet health first approach, explore the what and why of eating, and aim to provide support for physical and emotional health through food & nutrition, physical activity, and self-care of the body and mind.


Nutrition therapy helps adults and adolescents develop balanced and nourishing eating habits to help improve overall health. 

Nutrition therapy is also an integral part in developing balanced and nourishing eating habits to address body weight concerns and disordered eating.  


I also work with parents and their children to help manage eating/feeding disorders such as picky eating, food jags, disordered eating behaviors, & body weight concerns.


In addition, nutrition therapy can help manage the symptoms associated with health conditions:

  • Blood sugar control in diabetes, which helps protect blood vessels and improve energy and mood

  • Decreasing cholesterol and inflammation to better protect the heart


Nutrition therapy is also perfect for maintaining health and preventing health conditions for better energy, improved sleep, and supporting overall balanced living. 

Nutrition therapy services provide a personalized approach including:
  • A comprehensive assessment
  • Follow up based on individual needs
  • Support with making lifestyle changes
  • Goal setting
  • Exploration of the "why" behind eating habits
  • Support navigating through a world of nutrition information
  • Meal and recipe ideas




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