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About Me


Hello there!  I have been in the Asheville, North Carolina community practicing as a registered and licensed dietitian since 2003 and have experience in public health, clinical nutrition, and teaching, as well as consultant expertise in the health care industry and food service/hospitality management.


I am a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and manage a private practice in Asheville, NC. I provide nutrition guidance to adults, children, adolescents, and families and specialize in Intuitive Eating for disordered eating, body weight concerns, bariatric surgery, and health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and PCOS.  My treatment philosophy incorporates a non-diet health first, weight neutral approach and includes the principles of Intuitive Eating. 


I have worked in community nutrition programs at Buncombe County, Henderson County, and Haywood County Health Departments, coordinated school-based nutrition and physical activity programs, and have been part of multidisciplinary teams at Mission Hospital and Mission Children's Hospital providing nutrition counseling for heart disease and diabetes. My expertise expands beyond nutrition counseling to include teaching nutrition at Asheville Buncombe Technical Community College and providing menu, nutrition, and food safety guidance to the foodservice staff in area businesses. 


Throughout my career as a dietitian, I have developed a professional and personal philosophy about guiding people to a healthier life through food, nutrition, and balanced living.  This philosophy views each and every person as uniquely capable of making a difference in their own life in their own unique way.  Achieving a balanced relationship with food does not come from setting strict rules or guidelines with eating.  Rather, it is achieved when one is able to coexist with food, mindfully recognize its role in providing nourishment & enjoyment, and uncover a calm, confident, and comfortable relationship with food.  My role as a dietitian is to assist people in finding this balanced approach to food, eating, and overall health and well-being.  I look forward to partnering with you on your journey!

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