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  • Traci Malone

Dispelling the Myth that Thinness = Health

I was actually in the middle of creating my latest blog when I came across a great article discussing the exact topic I was writing about: being in a smaller body does not equal health and dieting to lose weight and be thinner can actually cause more harm for many people. So, instead of reinventing the wheel, I decided to share the article.

It's titled Thinness Does Not Equal Healthy, and Why It's Toxic to Believe It Is and was written by Paige Smathers, RDN, CD and published in WellSeek, a collection of health & wellness articles. Paige is a fellow dietitian based out of Salt Lake City. I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to and learning from her podcast Nutrition Matters which aims to explore the Positive Nutrition (her practice name) approach to health. I have also been reading articles in WellSeek for some time and find its mission to "dispel myths and spread truth in the health and wellness world" to be so refreshing!

You can read Paige's article here:

You can also learn more about Paige, her practice, and her podcast at and discover all that WellSeek has to offer readers and sign up for their weekly collection of inspiring articles at

I hope this blog helps in planting a seed of true positive health and well-being!

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