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  • Traci Malone

You Wouldn't Expect Your Mechanic to Clean Your Teeth

I recently came across this article 10 Things Registered Dietitians Wish You Knew About Nutrition and absolutely love the message. Nutrition information is overwhelming and confusing and that's because there are a ton of conflicting opinions, and opinions are not facts. And, these opinions come from EVERYONE, including medical providers, celebrities, allied health professionals, your family members, your fitness instructors, and maybe even your mechanic ;)

Just because everyone eats, does not make everyone a nutrition expert and qualified to dispense nutrition recommendations. And, just because something works for one person does not mean it will work for everyone.

This article does great job of summarizing some key points about nutrition and eating from registered dietitians. Dietitians have extensive education in nutrition, physiology, biochemistry, and more (sometimes up to 8 years- many have a master's or doctoral degree). Dietitians also pass a board exam, maintain professional continuing education, and practice in the field on a daily basis. I would argue that's about as close to a nutrition expert you will find.

Spoiler alert...the messages in this article are solid, balanced, and not intended to sell a flashy fad diet or someone's opinion about the "good vs. bad" with food. The messages are about sensible and balanced approaches to eating. They fit right in to my professional approach as a dietitian in helping my clients create calm, comfortable, and enjoyable relationships with food and eating.

You can read the article here

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